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Since 1988

'Castila, an intensive learning experience in and out of

of the classroom' Ally Ladha, Princeton University

escuela de español Granada España

Now in The Casa San Nicolás

studying, watching films, enjoying flamenco, dreaming...

a typical villa in the heart of Granada for learning, relaxing, reading,

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To learn Spanish

And to benefit from a culture that combines 10 centuries

of History and 495 million speakers

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6 students maximum in each class

to have the time to speak, listen and be heard

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With reliable support

to advance and improve steadily

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CastiLa, a meeting point

One thousand and one ages, one thousand and one personalities

Spanish students in the Alhambra of Granada

One thousand and one opportunities

to discover, know and practice

Estudiando español en castila dentro de clase

With your teachers

in the classroom

Excursión a la costa Tropical

With your teachers


estudiantes castila mirador de san nicolas granada

In the Albaicin

the historic heart of Granada

alumnos castila esquiando en sierra Nevada

Between Sierra Nevada

Wednesday 23, skiing

Castila escuela de español excursiónplaya granada

and the Mediterranean

to swim or to make a walk Tuesday 29 afternoon?

Alojamiento en Granada Andalucía

Best accommodation facilities

To focus on the most important, practicing and enjoying
Foto en piscina granada escuela

To focus

on studying and learning Spanish

paella castila granada escuela internacional de español

The best ingredients

for the best results: Thursday 24, paella party in

in the garden of the Carmen de los Gatos

Grupo de profesores

Todo un equipo

a disposición de los estudiantes de español.

Una experiencia imborrable, en Granada

To a full 2023!

La felicidad va por momentos’. CastiLa te desea los mejores momentos en el año que empieza. ¡Feliz 2023! * ‘Happiness goes by moments’. CastiLa wishes you the best moments in the new year. Happy 2023! * „Glück vergeht in Momenten“. CastiLa wünscht Ihnen die besten Momente im kommenden Jahr. Frohes 2023! * السعادة تمر بلحظات

تتمنى CastiLa لك أفضل اللحظات في العام المقبل.

عام 2023 سعيد!  * ‘幸福轉瞬即逝’  | CastiLa 祝您在來年度過最美好的時光。 |2023 年快樂!* ‘행복은 순간으로 간다’  | CastiLa는 내년에 최고의 순간을 기원합니다. 행복한 2023년! ‘Lykke går af øjeblikke’. CastiLa ønsker dig de bedste øjeblikke i det kommende år. Godt 2023! * “Le bonheur passe par les instants”. CastiLa vous souhaite les meilleurs moments de l’année à venir. Bonne année 2023 ! * “Onnellisuus kulkee hetkessä”. CastiLa toivottaa sinulle parhaita hetkiä tulevalle vuodelle. Hyvää vuotta 2023! * «Η ευτυχία περνάει στιγμές». Η CastiLa σας εύχεται τις καλύτερες στιγμές την επόμενη χρονιά. Ευτυχισμένο το 2023!  * ‘האושר עובר ברגעים’ קסטילה מאחלת לך את הרגעים הטובים ביותר בשנה הקרובה. 2023 שמח! * ‘खुशी पल भर में चली जाती है’. CastiLa आपको आने वाले वर्ष में सबसे अच्छे पलों की कामना करता है।. 2023 मुबारक हो! * ‘Happiness goes by moments’. CastiLa wishes you the best moments in the new year. Happy 2023! * “La felicità passa per momenti”. CastiLa ti augura i migliori momenti nel nuovo anno. Buon 2023!  * 「幸せは一瞬で過ぎ去る」| CastiLa は、来年の最高の瞬間をお祈りしています。 | 2023年おめでとう!* ‘Geluk gaat van moment tot moment’. CastiLa wenst u de beste momenten in het komende jaar. Gelukkig 2023! * “Lykke går av øyeblikk”. CastiLa ønsker deg de beste øyeblikkene i det kommende året. Godt 2023! * «Счастье проходит мимо мгновений». CastiLa желает вам мира и лучших моментов в наступающем году. С 2023 годом! * “Lyckan går i ögonblick”. CastiLa önskar dig de bästa stunderna under det kommande året. Gott 2023! * «Щастя минає миттєво». CastiLa бажає вам миру та найкращих моментів у наступному році. Щасливого 2023 року!

CastiLa staff, friends and students say goodbye to the 2022 courses, in front of the Alhambra.
Table 2 Table 2 and 1 Table 1, Rafa taking... the photo photographing Table 1, Rafa taking... the photo photographing

Two and a half years later we recover our magic Flamenco nights. It was time!

Jihan (voice), Petete, (guitar) and Erika, la que nació de día (dance and percussion). This fantastic trio gave us a night full of poetry, musicality, deep emotions and everything that Flamenco represents. Thanks.

Celebrating 34 years of CastiLa

34 friends for 34 years! This time, we are gathered around another great and tasty paella by Antonio Sin: The good times are back and we aim for the future.

Feliz 2022

A new year has  arrived. At CastiLa we are filled with lots of memories, and we work hard to continue offering a thousand and one opportunities to learn and practice Spanish. Very aware, yes, that the great objective is to fill another year with great moments and unforgettable emotions. Everything so that 2022 is your year!

 Happy 2022! – Choose your moment (Vintage link)

Hard times 

#CastiLa face to face


On May 9, 2021, the state of alarm in Spain ended. This means the end of the night curfew and perimeter closures. There is total mobility in Spain and everything is open. The school remains open and we are once again teaching our students both face-to-face and online. The vaccination rate is very fast and soon we will all be vaccinated. We are optimistic. We wait for you again.

All the best.

The CastiLa Team.




In Castila we continue with both face-to-face and online classes. We go on working hard, on the one hand, to make your stay in CastiLa possible and safe and, on the other, to make your online classes as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

We now recall two advantages that we believe will help you make the decision to take a Spanish course in CastiLa, in person or remotely. Likewise, why not say it, we open a way for you to collaborate with CastiLa, the educational and cultural exchange project that has already exceeded 32 years in the Albaicín of Granada.

We hope that we will see you soon in class, in Granada or in cyberspace; and, above all, that everything goes well. Health first.

· #FlexibleEnrolment: extraordinary conditions for enrollment in face-to-face classes 2020-2021. Enroll now and …

· #FromHome, offer for online courses in times of Covid-19.

We went back to face-to-face classes

#InGranada o #FromHome

In Castila we returned to face-to-face classes in August, as planned, and since then everything has been almost normal*.
(*We have started well, without any incidents: DELE exams, CCSE, new students who are joining little by little … We all now live a new experience and learn, we prepare for a new era.)

Thanks to those of you who have been able to travel to share this time with us. Thanks also to those of you, we know it, that are still thinking about the CastiLa family and waiting for the ideal moment to come to Granada.


CastiLa school follows the official protocol and security measures against Covid-19, such as disinfection of all the facilities, use of masks, safety distance, etc.

We go ahead



Remission of coronavirus disease begins. The Spanish government has just announced the opening of borders from July 1. It is true that in Granada the data has been less aggressive than in other parts of Spain, but in CastiLa we are still very attentive to its development and we have set a date for the reopening of classroom courses: August 3rd.

We are now analyzing all details and working to return to the extraordinary normality of CastiLa with all the necessary security. At the moment, by establishing the best protocol (administrative and health security) and adapting the school to return in 2 months to the wonderful experiences of the past 32 years.

We therefore continue to be in contact with students and collaborating institutions. Sometimes we will send you direct messages but, please follow us on the website and on social networks to stay up to date on how CastiLa wants to get our old extraordinary normality back, with all the guarantees.

Hard times 



Times are hard because of Covid-19. These are times when solidarity consists of staying at home, reducing mobility, increasing social distance… We are suffering an epidemic. Or rather, we are suffering a pandemic, the most terrible thing for those of us who have always opted to cross borders and communicate personally. But we understand that in these cases you must protect yourself in order to protect the rest. As on few occasions, individual protection is a way to achieve collective protection. We have to survive, to go back to those times when, now we do know, we had everything to be happy.

From here, let us ask you to take care of yourself. We want to go on sharing and enjoying with you as many moments as we have enjoyed in these 32 years of courses and cultural immersion in Granada with CastiLa. And, in case you need anything, we are on the other end of the line. 

These are times when CastiLa can only serve you online; it allows us to persist in our core idea and also to remind you that, now more than ever, my home is your home. 

A big hug.

The CastiLa team.

Talk to us

Let’s realize your language journey together


1001 opportunities to learn and practice Spanish

We are excited about the opportunity to guide you through our unique process of learning Spanish. As part of this journey, you will learn about Spanish culture and experience the  history of Granada through a variety of different excursions. A total inmersions in what it means to be Spanish.

We are honored that our students have consistently shared through countless testimonials that CastiLa is the best school in Granada in which to study Spanish.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you.


This are the 6 differences our student have been highlighting since 1988

  • Maximum of 6 students per class.

  • 6 language levels divided into 36 weekly programs.

  • 54 different social and cultural activities accompanied by teachers after school hours.

  • 98% of our students have passed the DELE exam.

  • Located in a carmen in the Albaicín, with beautiful views of the Alhambra, Generalife and Sierra Nevada.
  • The best accomodations at a maximum of 15 minutes walk away from the school.


Choose a course according to your needs

cursos populares


The most popular courses, greatly recommended from our students.

Español para familias

Spanish for families

Tailormade spanish for the children and adult classes for the parents. We also help you settle down and find your way in this exciting experience. 

learn spanish by hiking

Spanish & Hiking

A unique opportunity to practice Spanish and enjoy the wonderful landscape of Granada and Andalusia.

level test Spanish courses for foreigners

Level test

Would you like to check your spanish level? Click for a free online test


Spanish courses as progress in castial

Any questions? Contact us!

The best of CastiLa, doubtlessly our students

“CastiLa, una intensa experiencia de aprendizaje, dentro y fuera de clase”.

“Los profesores están altamente cualificados y llenos de pasión por su lengua. Todos se hacen amigos, tanto los estudiantes como los profesores. No importa tu nivel, hablarás, comerás, vivirás y soñarás en español.”

“Hay tantas cosas que decir sobre CastiLa, no sólo sobre sus numerosas actividades sino sobre todas esas pequeñas cosas que forman parte de su alma: los chistes internos, los desayunos en el mirador de San Nicolás, la amistad entre profesores y alumnos… ¿Cómo hablar de sólo una de esas cosas? CastiLa es un mundo en sí mismo”.

“Profesores profesionales, capacitados, amables, una escuela en lo alto de una colina, al sol, una oportunidad de compartir el estilo de vida a la española. ¿Que más se puede pedir como estudiante de español?”.

“My wife and I just concluded 4 weeks studying at Castila. It’s a fantastic school — excellent professors, carefully thought-out pedagogy, enjoyable activities outside of class that bolster skills, all in a wonderful setting in our favorite neighborhood in Granada. We learned and improved a great deal and plan to return when we can for continued study. We also greatly enjoyed the sense of community that is fostered among the students and faculty. This contributed to both the enjoyment and effectiveness of the experience.

We stayed briefly in Madrid before starting the school, and are back now in Madrid 4 weeks later. This has demonstrated to us how much we have learned — how much our comprehension has improved and how much more comfortable and confident we are speaking in Spanish. ¡Muchas gracias, Castila! “


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