Spanish & Hiking


Take a unique opportunity to learn and practice Spanish while enjoying hiking trips in the enchating landscape of Granada and his natural areas. In these full-immersion language courses, you will interact with your techers, Spanish students, mountain guides and local hikers.

Standard Program

Spanish in Classroom
• 4 lessons per day
• 20 Classes per week
• 50 minutes duration of classes
• Method: teacher rotation
• Material included in the price: books and all necessary equipment
• Daily social and cultural activities, with Spanish teachers

Program for 1 week
• Two short hikes (3-4 hours) on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
• 1-day hike on Saturday
• 1-day hike on Sunday

Program for 2 weeks
• Four short hikes (3-4 hours) on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons each week
• 1-day hike on Saturday
• 1-day hike on Sunday
• In students stay in Granada after the end of the course, they will be invited to go on another excursion for free.

On the Sunday hikes you will join a group of local Spanish hikers from Granada.

Special Program

According to Standard program!

A Oct. 19th-23th, 5 days´ hiking: Fuentes del Nacea-Reserva integral Muniellos. Booking deadline September 18th.
B Dec. 6th–9th, 4 days´ hiking: Parque naturales de El Estrecho y de los Alcornacales, Cadíz. Booking deadline November 6th
C May 3th–5th. 3 days´ hiking: Parque Natural Subbético Cordobés. Booking deadline April 3th.
D June. 15th–22th, 8 days´ hiking: Camino de Santiago – Asturias. Booking deadline May 16th.
E July. 6th–7th, 2 days´ hiking: Fin de Semana Sierra Nevada. Booking deadline June 6th.


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Course Summary

Levels: A1-C2

Duration (weeks): 1-2

Hours per week: 20

Hours per day: 4

Timetable: Monday to Friday / 9.30am–1.35pm

Sierra & Sol

Guided hiking and trekking tours led by experienced local experts through the Natural Parks and cultural heritage areas of the mountains of southern Spain. All year around we offer hiking trips, because in Granada it’s always spring. Reed more at

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a* / b* /c* / d* / e* –  Special program including a bank holiday hiking trip